3 Things We Love About Dallas

These are the three things we absolutely love about the City of Dallas:

Dallas Cowboys

"dallas cowboys logo"

Yes, the cause us a lot of heartache but what is Dallas without the Cowboys. Actually, what is Texas without the Cowboys. If you get a chance to see a game at the new stadium, you will understand why we are obsessed with our team. And yes, their glory days have come and long gone, and yes, they have not won a superbowl in a while, but we like to tell ourselves that there is more to football than winning superbowls. So, Romo can choke all he wants, and we are still going to show up and be as obnoxious as possible, with our beer, barbeque, steaks and burgers.

Property Prices

The other thing we like about Dallas is property prices. As a top 10 American city, Dallas property prices are pretty reasonable, making it affordable for young people starting out, married people looking to start a family, and people who want to retire but not spend an arm and a leg on where they live. It also helps that the Dallas job market is pretty healthy and survived the great recession better than most of the cities that make up the top 10. What it is missing, in term of ocean and Outdoors adventure is more than compensated for by the very favorable property prices.

Plastic Surgery

Everyone thinks LA is the plastic surgery capital of the U.S., and it may be so but Dallas is a close second. As Dr Lam is showing in the video above, Plastic Surgery is big business in Dallas and almost every stop mall or office park you see has some form of cosmetic surgery advertisement and you see people passing out fliers about cosmetic surgery centers and offering “discounts” to get you to the door. And it’s not hard to see why. Just pay attention to the women and you will see why Dallas is in direct competition with Orange County, CA with obsession with the “perfect” physique. For more about is, click here.

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